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We perform flexible, creative and uncomplicated.

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  • Zoo rallye Hellabrunn
  • Football training with a professional trainer
  • Climbing forest
  • GPS rallye


Exemplary procedure of a half-day event

2 pm-2.15 pm:
We pick your guests up at the reception, give them a short overview of the upcoming event and split the group into teams.
If necessary, we provide a shuttle to the place of event.

approx. 2.30 pm-6 pm:
Varying GPS rallye at the Olympic Park
After a short introduction to the technology of the GPS device, the groups start searching for the different points.
At the stages, different tasks await the groups, in fields like:

  • Dexterity (e.g. Da Vinci bridge, heave-ho rally...)
  • Creativity  („Building“ a company logo or poetry)
  • Knowledge (Riddles, estimation tasks)
  • Orientation (Finding waypoints, estimate distances...)

The highlight: Roof Climb at the Olympic stadium with Flying Fox

approx. 6 pm-10 pm:
Bavarian dinner menu at the Olympic Tower

  • The award ceremony adequately rounds off the day, when the team with the most points is presented with the award.
  • Afterwards transfer back to the hotel, if necessary.